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House of Quality (HoQ) Regarding Truck Drivers Requests (2015)
  • Sajjad Khaksari
"Quality Engineering & Italian Transport Companies" represents a preliminarily attempt to benefit from Quality Engineering methods for analyzing some parts of the real and hidden worlds of some Italian family-owned transport companies. It tries to highlight some things that normally remain neglected regarding the hidden internal workings of some Italian transport companies. In addition, this paper might be interesting for whoever wants to know more about this period in which some Italian family-run transport companies are facing the challenge of a future balancing modernism and traditionalism in their supply chain management (SCM).
  • Sajjad Khaksari; Quality Engineering; House of Quality (HoQ); Transport and Logistic industry; Italian Transport Companies; QFD; Truck Drivers behavior; سجاد خاکساری; پلی تکنیک تورینو; کنترل کیفیت مهندسی; شرکت های حمل و نقل و لوجستیک ایتالیا; خانه کیفیت
Publication Date
Fall November 12, 2015
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Sajjad Khaksari. "House of Quality (HoQ) Regarding Truck Drivers Requests" (2015)
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