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Is Google & People? (2015)
  • Sajjad Khaksari
"Google Advertisement Strategy" strictly dominated the "Searching Ranks Results". On the other hand, 70% of the United State population and 90% of European use to used Google as their "Favorite Search Engine". 

People use Google but the Google thanks to its "Famous Google Algorithm" offers them the arrangement of links that is consciously favored before by "Google Ad. Engine". In addition, unfortunately Google has many traps to bind, copy and save almost all the information from the users.
  • Google & EU; Google Advertisement strategy; Google Search Engine; EU Commission & Google Inc.; Federal Trade Commission in the US (FTC) & Google; FTC/EU&Google; 4 key points of the investigation againts Google; Break-up Google; Sajjad Khaksari; Politecnico di Torino
Publication Date
Summer July 15, 2015
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Sajjad Khaksari. "Is Google & People?" (2015)
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