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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) [Revised]
Theatre Productions
  • Diane C. Merchant, Director and Dramaturgy Coordinator
  • Robert Clements, Set Designer
  • Tim Phipps, Production Manager, Lighting Design and Technical Director
  • Rebekah Priebe, Costume, Hair and Makeup Designer
Performance Dates
March 30 - April 9, 2017
Artistic Staff

By: Adam Long, Daniel Singer, & Jess Winfield

Director: Diane Conrad Merchant

Set Designer: Robert Clements

Lighting Designer: Tim Phipps

Sound Designer: Christian P. Frey and Sam Partridge

Costume Designer: Rebekah Priebe

Hair and Makeup Designer: Rebekah Priebe

Casting and Script Consultant: Alan Bomar Jones

Dramaturgy Coordinator: Diane Conrad Merchant


The Complete Works takes us through all of Shakespeare’s Histories, Comedies and Tragedies in one hilarious show! It’s a fast-paced romp through the Bard’s well known plays. Join three actors, lots of wigs, crazy props, bona fide costumes, and iambic pentameter all rolled into this Shakespearean adventure you won’t soon forget. It’s time to get up close and personal with this in-your-face merriment staged in our black-box performance venue.

Publication Date
  • Cedarville,
  • Cedarville University,
  • theatre,
  • The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Citation Information
Diane C. Merchant, Robert Clements, Tim Phipps and Rebekah Priebe. "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) [Revised]" Cedarville, OH(2017)
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