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Towards Safer School Construction: A Community-based Approach
  • Rebekah Paci-Green
  • Bishu Pandey
This publication synthesizes the lessons from past community-based school construction programs and projects around the globe. It provides guidance for engaging communities in mobilisation, planning, design, construction and post-construction maintenance of safer schools. The approach seeks to achieve the twin goals of safer schools and more resilient communities. It treats school construction as a community learning opportunity to better understand risks, collectively commit to safety, and to learn and apply strategies for safer construction.
  • school construction,
  • planning and design,
  • disaster management,
  • earthquake,
  • tropical cyclone
Publication Date
July, 2015
Nick Ireland, Save the Children; Vica Bogaerts, GFDRR; Hayley Gryc, Arup International Development; Jair Torres, UNESCO; Michele Young, Save the Children
Global Alliance for Disaster Risk Reduction & Resilience in the Education Sector
Citation Information
Paci-Green, R. and Pandey, B. (2015). Towards Safer School Construction: A Community-based Approach, with Save the Children, Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, UNESCO, Arup International Development, and Risk RED, Melbourne: Save the Children. Pp 93.