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Two Strange Things: A monologue in one act
  • Rebecca Saunders, University of Massachusetts Boston
An older woman sits pensively in a chair or at a desk in half-light. The stage has a spot light and she looks thoughtfully at it, perhaps tentatively approaching it with arms crossed. Then she takes off her shoes and rolls up her jeans. She puts her hair in two ponytails, like that of a young girl’s. As she does these things, her energy shifts from that of a contemplative older woman to that of a seven-year-old. When the transformation is complete, she moves into the spotlight on stage. The set is like a cartoon or a fantasy; it consists of a plywood cut-out car, a porch, and a card table with a deck of cards. The place is North Carolina in the 1950s. BECKY is seven years old.
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Rebecca Saunders. "Two Strange Things: A monologue in one act" (1995)
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