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The National Supported Work Demonstration
  • Hollister Robinson, Swarthmore College
  • Peter Kemper
  • REBECCA A MAYNARD, University of Pennsylvania

In this edited work, leading social scientists examine the intent, design, and administration of the Supported Work Demonstration programs in 10 cities, serving large numbers of long-term welfare recipients, ex-addicts, ex-offenders and young school dropouts. Eligible individuals were randomly assigned to the offer of the supported employment experience or to a business as usual control condition. The study samples were followed for up to three years following enrollment. The findings are synthesized through a comprehensive benefit-cost analysis.

  • Welfare,
  • employment and training,
  • ex-addicts,
  • youth policy,
  • ex-offenders,
  • impact evaluation
Publication Date
Robinson Hollister, Peter Kemper, and Rebecca Maynard
Citation Information
Hollister Robinson, Peter Kemper, and REBECCA A. MAYNARD (editors). The National Supported Work Demonstration. Madison, WI: The University of Wisconsin Press, 1984.