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About Rebecca Lloyd Waller

Rebecca Lloyd Waller is an associate professor in the philosophy department.  She began teaching at Kenyon in Fall 2009. Rebecca came to Kenyon after completing a dissertation on Descartes' account of time at Purdue University. Her book, "Descartes' Temporal Dualism" was published in 2014.  Her interest in the philosophy of time extend beyond her Cartesian studies. She has also published papers on Leibniz's and Spinoza's accounts of time and on McTaggart's famous refutation of time.  
Rebecca entered Purdue with a master's degree in philosophy from Marquette University and with bachelors' degrees from Siena Heights University in English and philosophy.
Rebecca's primary research interests are in the history of philosophy and in metaphysics. She has particular interest in the works of Descartes, and in the topics of time and free will. When not doing philosophy, Rebecca most enjoys spending time with her husband and son (born December 2012), or dabbling in interior design, literature and theater.


Present Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Kenyon College

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P: (740) 427-5289
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