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Becoming Students and Becoming Ethnographers in a Preschool
ECE Faculty Publications
  • David E. Fernie, Ohio State University - Main Campus
  • Rebecca Kantor, University of Colorado Denver
  • Elisa L. Klein, Ohio State University - Main Campus
  • Carol Meyer, Ohio State University - Main Campus
  • Peggy M. Elgas, University of Cincinnati - Main Campus
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Preschool poses unique schooling demands which challenge young children to become young students. This distinctive socialization process is the research problem addressed in an ethnography of a preschool classroom. The introduction details practical considerations which suggest the distinctiveness and importance of early education and of children's socialization to it. The first major section presents an integration of relevant socialization theories and a discussion of ethnography as a research perspective. In the next section, the ethnographic research procedures used in the study are explained generally. In a final section, a conceptualization of this preschool classroom as a dynamic configuration of school culture and peer culture (Corsaro, 1985) is proposed, serving as hypothesis and heuristic tool for ongoing research.
Citation Information
Fernie, D., Kantor, R., Klein, E., Meyer, C. and Elgas, P. (1988). Becoming students and becoming ethnographers. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 3(2), 132-142.