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About Rebecca Kantor

My teaching journey started in early childhood and elementary schools in Boston and then, Columbus Ohio — first in schools for the deaf (I am a fluent signer) and then in various inclusive early childhood programs, including full-day childcare. I have about ten years of direct program/classroom experience, including work as an Assistant Professor and the Director of the Lab School at The Ohio State University. Over time, I moved through several positions at OSU – achieving rank and tenure as a Full Professor. In total, I served 23 years as a faculty member, teacher, researcher and mentor with several administrative experiences along the way. I had a lively life as a researcher with many external grants to study classrooms as social contexts for teaching and learning, and to reform the ways we prepare teachers in partnership with schools.
Six years ago, I was invited to be Director of the School of Teaching and Learning at OSU for a School about the same size as the School of Education & Human Development. While I was somewhat of an accidental tourist to administration, I found that I had arrived at a place in my career where I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges of leadership and management as well as the thrill of being part of putting the wind under the wings of talented faculty. I led the School through a time of major change—adopting the semester calendar, growing the base of research grants, designing many new programs and hiring a large group of outstanding faculty.
In all, I spent 29 years as a Buckeye in a rich and rewarding career of teaching, research, service and administration, but knew a few years ago that I wanted to move on. I wanted to challenge myself, and make a different kind of contribution. I took my time looking for the position I truly wanted because I knew that yanking roots out of the ground that had been growing for 29 years would be hard. When I saw the position advertisement for the Dean of SEHD at the University of Colorado Denver, I knew I had found a good fit for me. I was drawn by the urban setting, the incredible network of school and community partnerships in both teacher and counselor preparation and research collaboratives. I was intrigued by the transformation that is taking place through the University of Colorado/Anschutz Medical Campus consolidation and the quality of the faculty, students and upper leadership. My visits here just confirmed my interest and I knew I had found my next home.


Present Dean, School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver

Curriculum Vitae

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Honors and Awards

  • 2008 | Irene Bandy-Hedden Early Childhood Education Leadership Award/Ohio
  • 2004 | Action for Children "Change Artist" Award
  • 2000 | Selected and Participated as one of 3 University Fellows for the Council on Intercollegiate Cooperation (CIC) Academic Leadership Program
  • 1998 | Ohio Department of Education, Friends of the Early Childhood Division Award
  • 1996 | Ohio Department of Education, Friends of the Early Childhood Division Award


  • Complementary Methods in Educational Research [Special Seminar]
  • Making Teaching and Learning Visable: An Advanced Exploration of Reggio Emilia Pedagogy [Special Seminar]
  • International Interdisciplinary Seminar on Head Start and Childcare
  • Social Development and Social Competence [Special Seminar]
  • Head Start [Special Seminar]
  • Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Research, Practice and Policy [Special Seminar]
  • An Introduction to the Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education [Special Seminar]
  • Friendship and Peer Culture in Early Childhood [Special Seminar]
  • Classroom Discourse [Special Seminar]
  • Complementary Research in Education: Logics of Inquiry [Special Seminar]
  • Early Childhood Pedagogy [Graduate]
  • Discipline and Guidance in Early Childhood Classrooms [Graduate]
  • Family Participation in Schooling [Graduate]
  • Masters Capstone [Graduate]
  • Doctoral Proseminar [Graduate]
  • Research in Early Childhood Education [Graduate]
  • Constructing Programs for Children 2-7 [Graduate]
  • Sociocultural Perspectives on Teaching and Learning [Graduate]
  • Social Development and the Social World of the Classroom [Graduate]
  • Research Paradigms in Child and Family Studies [Graduate]
  • Early Childhood Literacy [Graduate]
  • Guiding Young Children in Groups [Undergraduate]
  • Comparing Preschool Philosophies [Undergraduate]
  • Practicum in the Lab School [Undergraduate]
  • Constructing a Preschool Curriculum [Undergraduate]
  • Intro to Child Development [Undergraduate]


1982 Ed.D, Boston University ‐ Developmental Applied Psycholinguistics
1977 National Technical Institute for the Deaf ‐ Basic Interpreter Training Program
1977 M.Ed., Boston University ‐ Early Childhood Education and Education of Hearing Impaired
1975 B.A., University of Rochester ‐ Developmental Psychology [Minor in Linguistics]

Contact Information

University of Colorado Denver
School of Education and Human Development
P.O. BOX 173364
Campus Box 106
Denver, CO 80217-3364


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