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Critical dynamics of a spin-5/2 two-dimensional isotropic antiferromagnet
  • Rebecca J. Christianson, Olin College of Engineering
  • R. L. Leheny, John Hopkins University
  • R. J. Birgeneau, University of Toronto
  • R. W. Erwin, National Institute of Standards and Industry
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We report a neutron-scattering study of the dynamic spin correlations in Rb2MnF4, a two-dimensional spin-5/2 antiferromagnet. By tuning an external magnetic field to the value for the spin-flop line, we reduce the effective spin anisotropy to essentially zero, thereby obtaining a nearly ideal two-dimensional isotropic antiferromagnet. From the shape of the quasielastic peak as a function of temperature, we demonstrate dynamic scaling for this system and find a value for the dynamical exponent z. We compare these results to theoretical predictions for the dynamic behavior of the two-dimensional Heisenberg model, in which deviations from z=1 provide a measure of the corrections to scaling.

© (2001) American Physical Society. The article appeared in Physical Review B, Vol 63, and may be found at

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Rebecca J. Christianson, R. L. Leheny, R. J. Birgeneau and R. W. Erwin. "Critical dynamics of a spin-5/2 two-dimensional isotropic antiferromagnet" (2001)
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