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About Rebecca Britt

Dr. Rebecca Britt is an assistant professor in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at South Dakota State University. Her research and teaching is at the intersection of health communication and new media, focusing on improving public and community health through the use of social media and technologies. She has received funding and grant support through the South Dakota State Department, the Women & Giving Foundation, the National Institutes of Health (subaward), SDSU Research and Scholarship Support Fund, the National Communication Association, and others. Her research has appeared in journals including Journal of Health Psychology, Health Communication, Technical Communication Quarterly, Communication Research Reports, and other outlets. In addition, Dr. Britt's teaching in social media, graphic design and campaigns, and advertising reflects on her creative work as a professional artist, where she has published her artwork in nationally recognized outlets, and has been responsible for assisting and developing university department branding. Dr. Britt maintains a web site at:


Present Assistant Professor, South Dakota State University

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