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The Accidental Taxonomist
Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship (2010)
  • Rebeca Befus, Wayne State University
The Accidental Taxonomist, by Heather Hedden,"aims to explain what you need to know to be a good taxonomist rather than explain how to create a taxonomy step-by-step" (p. xxvii). Hedden teaches a continuing education course on the subject of taxonomies and decided to write a book based on her experiences as a taxonomist and her classroom lessons. She defines taxonomy broadly to refer to any system or structure that deals with the organization of knowledge (p. 1). This book is ideal for the person who has been given the job of creating taxonomies without any prior knowledge or experience in the profession. Other uses for this book could be as a textbook for Library and Information Science students (MLS) and for librarians as a professional development resource. The strength of this book is the inclusion of many examples and screen shots in each chapter to help explain concepts, resources, and applications. This book does have a limited audience, and for the novice, the wealth of information can be overwhelming.
Publication Date
Summer 2010
Citation Information
Rebeca Befus. "The Accidental Taxonomist" Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship Vol. 62 (2010)
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