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Twenty years of transitional justice in the Czech lands
Europe-Asia Studies
  • Roman DAVID, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
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Journal article
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Nascent democracies usually adopt measures of transitional justice to deal with the legacies of undemocratic regimes. This article examines one of the most comprehensive programmes of transitional justice which has been implemented in the Czech Republic since 1990. Based on a survey conducted in 2010, 10 policies are assessed by means of descriptive statistics, and by examining their effect on the perception of justice, truth and reconciliation. Property restitution is viewed as the most successful policy for dealing with the past; it contributes to the positive perception of both justice and truth but it undermines the perception of reconciliation.
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David, R. (2012). Twenty years of transitional justice in the Czech lands. Europe-Asia Studies, 64(4), 761-784. doi: 10.1080/09668136.2012.669940