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Optimization of Electromagnetic Transducer Systems
Proceedings of the ARPA/AFML Review of Progress in Quantitative NDE, July 1975–September 1976
  • R. Bruce Thompson, Iowa State University
  • C. M. Fortunko, Rockwell International
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8. Advances in Electromagnetic Transducers
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Electromagnetic transducers have a number of inherent advantages, some of which have been touched on by other speakers. Historically, their major disadvantage has been their high insertion loss. We have undertaken a project which has been designed to explore techniques for optimizing transducer efficiencies and increasing the dynamic response of ultrasonic systems which use electromagnetic transducers. Today, we would like to report the results of that project.
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6 p.
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R. Bruce Thompson and C. M. Fortunko. "Optimization of Electromagnetic Transducer Systems" (1977)
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