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Semi-automatic system for ultrasonic measurement of texture
Iowa State University Patents
  • R. Bruce Thompson, Iowa State University
  • Samuel J. Wormley, Iowa State University
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A means and method for ultrasonic measurement of texture non-destructively and efficiently. Texture characteristics are derived by transmitting ultrasound energy into the material, measuring the time it takes to be received by ultrasound receiving means, and calculating velocity of the ultrasound energy from the timed measurements. Textured characteristics can then be derived from the velocity calculations. One or more sets of ultrasound transmitters and receivers are utilized to derive velocity measurements in different angular orientations through the material and in different ultrasound modes. An ultrasound transmitter is utilized to direct ultrasound energy to the material and one or more ultrasound receivers are utilized to receive the same. The receivers are at a predetermined fixed distance from the transmitter. A control means is utilized to control transmission of the ultrasound, and a processing means derives timing, calculation of velocity and derivation of texture characteristics.
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US 5,048,340
Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.
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R. Bruce Thompson and Samuel J. Wormley. "Semi-automatic system for ultrasonic measurement of texture" (1991)
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