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Phased array transducer for billet inspection
Center for Nondestructive Evaluation Conference Papers, Posters and Presentations
  • Ronald A. Roberts, Iowa State University
  • R. Bruce Thompson, Iowa State University
  • Jeffrey A. Umbach, Pratt & Whitney
  • Jon H. Friedl, Pratt & Whitney
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Conference Proceeding
Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation
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(32.7153292, -117.1572551)
A phased array transducer design for billet inspection is presented. The transducer sweeps a uniform focus in both depth and angle to assure uniform coverage of the billet volume, particularly at the billet center, where coverage depends critically on transducer alignment. Design concepts are presented which enable the transducer to sweep a tight focus in both depth and angle using 63 discrete time delays. Design concepts and specifications are summarized, and experimental verification of design performance is presented. Data acquisition protocols are discussed enabling the phased array inspection to operate at production speeds.

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This article appeared in AIP Conference Proceedings 1335 (2011): 874–881 and may be found at

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American Institute of Physics
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Ronald A. Roberts, R. Bruce Thompson, Jeffrey A. Umbach and Jon H. Friedl. "Phased array transducer for billet inspection" San Diego, CA(2010)
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