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Reconstruction of solar irradiance since 1610: Implications for climate cbange
Geophysical Research Letters (1995)
  • Judith Lean
  • Juerg Beer
  • Raymond S. Bradley, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Solar total and ultraviolet (UV) irradiances are reconstructed annually from J610 to the present. This epoch ~ludes the Maunder Minimmn of anomalously low solar activi1}' (circa 1645-1115) and the subsequent increase to the high levels of the present Modem Maximum. In this reconstruction, the Schwabe (II-year) irradiaoce cycle and a longer term Variability component are determined separately, based on contemporary. solar and stellar monitoring. The correlation of reconstructed solar irradiance and Northern Hemisphere (NIl) surface temperature is 0.86 in the pre-industrial period from 1610 to 1800, implying a predominant solar influence. Extending this correlation to the present suggests that solar forcing may have contributed about half of the observed 0.55"C surface warming since 1860 and one third of the warming since 1970.
Publication Date
December, 1995
Citation Information
Judith Lean, Juerg Beer and Raymond S. Bradley. "Reconstruction of solar irradiance since 1610: Implications for climate cbange" Geophysical Research Letters Vol. 22 Iss. 23 (1995)
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