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Teacher and student perspectives on collaborative learning
Mathematical Association of Victoria (1999)
  • Ray Peck, ACER
  • M Barnes
In this article, the authors explain what they mean by collaborative learning and suggest ways of promoting effective collaboration in senior mathematics. Issues discussed include group composition, the design of suitable tasks for collaborative work, setting norms for student behaviour and the teacher's role in promoting effective discussion. Students' views on collaborative learning are also presented. Perceived advantages include improved understanding, enjoyment and communication skills. Some perceived disadvantages and ways of minimising them are also discussed.
  • Cooperative learning,
  • Teaching methods,
  • Small group learning,
  • Teacher attitudes,
  • Student attitudes,
  • Learning,
  • Senior mathematics,
  • Numeracy,
  • Norms,
  • Communication skills
Publication Date
December, 1999
ISBN 1876677600
Citation Information
Ray Peck and M Barnes. "Teacher and student perspectives on collaborative learning" Mathematical Association of Victoria (1999)
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