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It's Time to Reform Donor Advised Funds
Tax Notes (2011)
  • Ray D Madoff, Boston College Law School

In this article, Madoff argues that the current law governing donor-advised funds provides too much of a benefit to donors and sponsoring organizations, without ensuring sufficient benefit to the charitable sector as a whole. Moreover, the current rules undermine the integrity of the tax system by implicating the government in a ‘‘wink and a nod’’ system that disproportionately benefits the wealthy. To remedy these problems, donor-advised funds should be subject to a seven-year payout requirement, and the rules should be revised to ensure that private foundations cannot satisfy their payout obligations simply by making transfers to a donor-advised fund.

Publication Date
December 5, 2011
Citation Information
Ray D Madoff. "It's Time to Reform Donor Advised Funds" Tax Notes Vol. 133 (2011)
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