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Power and legitimacy: From Weber to contemporary theory
The SAGE handbook of power (2009)
  • Ray Gordon, Bond University
The chapter provides a comparative review of literature pertinent to power and legitimacy in social systems. The review will trace a specific path from the work of Max Weber to contemporary times. A comprehensive assessment of all contributions to the literature is outside the scope of the review. Instead, the focus is restricted to the comparison of three key bodies of literature, namely, mainstream functionalist approaches, critical approaches, and pragmatic approaches. A small sample of contemporary work that specifically centres on power and the construction of legitimacy in organizations will also be reviewed.
  • power,
  • legitimacy,
  • contemporary theory,
  • Weber
Publication Date
January 1, 2009
Stewart R. Clegg & Mark Haugaard
SAGE Publications Ltd.
Publisher Statement
Interim status: Citation only.

Gordon, R. (2009). Power and legitimacy: From Weber to contemporary theory. In S. R. Clegg & M. Haugaard (Eds.), The SAGE handbook of power (pp.256-273). London, United Kingdom: SAGE Publications Ltd.

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2009 HERDC submission. FoR code: 1503

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Ray Gordon. "Power and legitimacy: From Weber to contemporary theory" 1stLondon, United KingdomThe SAGE handbook of power (2009)
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