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U.S Intelligence and Cost of War
  • Ratnesh Dwivedi, Mr
There has been an urge to keep those readers in mind who are interested in Global Affairs and specially in U.S.A. role in Middle East, Its take on Global Security and its mission for 2020 . A section of society also desires to know on how U.S. intelligence agencies function. Keeping that point of view in mind, the book deals with all four aspects of these areas. The first part of the book deals with U.S.A. guidelines on Global Security, its vision for 2020 and its strategy to fight out International Terrorism. Second part is rather more adventurous .It discuss about the most curious organizations and people of world’s most powerful nation. Through fifty different topics it talks about U.S. Intelligence, Intelligence community members, Office of the Director of National, Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of Homeland Security, Office of Intelligence and Analysis , Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, The National Intelligence Priorities Framework ,Joint Intelligence Community Council, National Security Council ,President’s Intelligence Advisory Board , Careers In The Intelligence community and The Benefits of Working in the IC. The Third part of book deals with Iraq and Afghanistan rebuilding operation while talking about how to ensure good relation between Military and civilians. Various construction operations, problems and opportunities has been discussed in the book with illustrative tables and photographs. Fourth Part of Book discuss about foreign collaborations with U.S.A. in rebuilding operations in Iraq. It discusses about NATO’s effort in post war Iraq through numeric and timeline. Author hopes that the effort of putting all relevant information in detail will satisfy the curiosity of readers who wish to know what happened, How it took shape, and into what U.S.A. is engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan. Wish you an adventurous journey.
  • Intelligence,
  • CIA,
  • War,
  • Rebuilding,
  • Iraq,
  • Afghanistan
Publication Date
Winter November 22, 2015
Ratnesh Dwivedi
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Ratnesh Dwivedi. U.S Intelligence and Cost of War. 1LAVol. 1 (2015)
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