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Mass Media and Communication in Global Scenario
  • Ratnesh Dwivedi, Mr
The idea behind putting these research papers and research articles in this book is to give various aspects of communication, a platform where from readers may go through them at one go. The book deals with the research articles and papers dedicated to core areas of Journalism and Mass Communication. The papers and articles compiled in this book touches the need of students,academicians and researchers on most challenging areas and topics.In the collection of these papers author has discussed about Community Radio,FM Radio,Communication Science, Organizational Communication,Media Accounatbility,Language Discourse,Higher Education,Tevision Studies,Traditional and Digital Media,Disaster Management and Media,Wikileaks and Social Media,Terrorism and Television and many other challenging subjects of media studies. The book is an attempt to see the problems and opportunities in different areas of Journalism and Mass Communication and carries its readers in to deeper side of subjects which are raised in the chapters by giving relevant examples and references. The book is useful source on many topics of communication and Journalism which readers will find at one place.The language of the book is academic but simple and illustrates many critical issues with flow and without flaw. The idea behind putting these research papers and research articles in this book is to give various aspects of communication, a platform where from readers may go through them at one go. When I decided to start writing academic paper or more over compiling them in 2005,I had one thing in my mind and that was to cover all possible areas of communication and media studies. Hence forth I started my voyage to search out the possibilities where I can present my ideas and compiled references of other notable people in various international conferences and journals. It was not an easy task to force your point of view in to journals and conferences as majority of international conferences and publication put forward a particular core area or subject on which an author may present a paper or his findings. So, it was a matter of time, patience and rigorous effort that I found opportunities of the areas I did wish to cover. It is at glance that my readers of this book will find almost all possible social ,political and communication topics ,when they will go through one by one on these thirteen papers, which I either presented in an international conference or they got published in national or international journals or subject to be published. Believe me, past eight years journey in academics has been adventurous, worthy and interesting for me as I got chance to put forward my opinion and to comment on other’s opinion and then to compile them in form of an academic paper. I have honestly tried to touch all possible areas of my expertise in this book of compilation of my academic papers. I am a little bit disappointed as I have not been able to include two of my best and first academic papers which I presented in a national conference at Purvanchal University. These two papers were related with the Economics of South Asian countries and efforts of world’s biggest space science research organization -NASA. However rest of my presentation and published papers are part of this book. In my twenty papers I have discussed about Community Radio, its current status and challenges before it in Indian atmosphere. This paper was published in proceeding of one of the biggest conferences organized by Hans Bredow Research Foundation at University of Hamburg,Germany. Sanskrit is considerd as Language of Gods and is mother of many regional Indian languages as well as foreign language. Panini organized this language of Gods through the grammer he invented. A paper on Sanskrit and Panini is part of this book which is due to be presented in an international conference in Russia. Organizational Communication is a new study in the area of communications science. A paper on organizational communication is presented here which was presented by author in an international conference organized by Russia’s number to university by using vedio conferencing facility. Media is accountable to public but it’s a matter of debate if media has fulfilled its duty. A paper on Public Accountability of media was published by Press Council of India, the apex press body in India. Author’s that very paper is also part of this book. Keeping the need of research students in mind, a paper on research process and tools has been specially designed by author. Higher education in India is facing many challenges. Our ancient past has been glorious but we have to work out on future.Hence a paper has been designed by author which deals with higher education in ancient India, challenges of today and a work plan for future. Author has designed two papers on radio which deals with both coomercial and community wise aspect of radio in India. One paper deals with commericial radio while other deals with educational radio or community radio. History of Communication is discussed right from origin of sign language up till invention of computers and internet thorough pigeon post and harkara systems in medieval India. The compilation of whole process was accepted and presented in form of a research paper at Tver State University, Russia. Changing pattern in Television viewership and in programme making has been discussed with a case study of India’s no 1 English news channel CNN-IBN and its special initiative of Citizen Journalism hosted and conceptualized by Anubha Bhonsle.This paper was published by an academic journal named ‘Pragyan’ of Institute of Management Studies ,Dehradun. The challenges before traditional media in modern digital age and chances of its integration with digital media have been discussed in a separate paper. The paper was presented at International conference at Amity University,Rajasthan. What role media can play in developing awareness during disasters and early warning system has been included keeping in view of disastrous events india has faced like tsunami 2004. Coverage of issues like human rights by media has always been a matter of debate. This topic is discussed in a paper which is accepted in an international conference of India’s apex press body, Press Council of India. Michel Foucault is an acclaimed French Philosopher .His master piece ‘The Archeology of Knowledge’ need no introduction .A critical study of his work has been compiled in a paper which was accepted in an international conference at Tver State University, Russia. Two of researches papers are dedicated to the issues which has shaken not only India but whole world—Wiki leaks and Radia tapes. It’s a debate between ‘Right to Publish’ and ‘Ethical Code of Conduct’. These two papers are due in International journals. Another paper which deals with role of social media in generating public perception and its role in uprising in Tunisia and Egypt is published in and refreed Indian journal. A comprehensive study of key terror organizations and working of it has been put in another paper. While medi’s role in covering sensitive issues like terrorism is discussed in a paper which was published in a national journal. I have also touced the global economic meltdown in brief. The idea is to aware and inform my readers on all possible happening and aspect between these years. It has been an eventful journey for me and the best thing I can quote is “….miles to go before I sleep” of Robert Frost. In this journey and work of twenty research papers and articles I must thank to my parents who have been a guiding force for me during thick and thin. I also wish to thank my teachers and my friends for pushing me up to do good job at my work place. My elder brother who is source of inspiration for me deserves thanks from my side and so is my wife and little baby who always stood by my side.. Two of my friends in media has enormously helped me by giving me their valuable inputs whenever I needed. I extend my word of thanks to Mr Bhupendra Chaubey and Ms Anubha Bhonsle of CNN-IBN. The story is uncomplete if I do not mention the name of Lyudmila Isaeva of Tver State University and Dasha Mileyaeva of RosNou, Moscow in Russia who provided me special facility to present some of my papers by using vedio conferencing facility from India. And last I must convey my heartiest thanks to my publisher who has made this work possible to put these thirteen shades of communication at one place by giving it shape of a book. Ratnesh Dwivedi transferred his skills of media industry in to his passion for writing and teaching. He has seen changing face of Indian media as a struggler and budding media professional.Later he switched in to academics and love to be categorized as a prolific writer and academician. He has been teaching to graduate and post graduate students for past eight years. He specializes in Broadcast Journalism,but has taught core areas of communication and media studies at several institutions and universities .Ratnesh Dwivedi is associated with several international academic research organization. He is Charter member of George W Bush Presidentail Center,Texas.Chapter Member of Internet Society,a global NGO,which works for popularity of internet. He is also a member of Institute of English Studies,University of London and European Communication Research and Education Association.He bears the credit of attending prestigious workshops of National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA).He is a core faculty in Amity School of Communication at Amity University,Uttar Pradesh and lives in Delhi with his wife and son.
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Summer June 30, 2013
Gyan Books Pvt Ltd
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Ratnesh Dwivedi. Mass Media and Communication in Global Scenario. FirstNew Delhi(2013)
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