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Protecting Pakistan's health during the global economic crisis
East Mediterr Health J.
  • Rashid Jooma, Aga Khan University
  • A. Khan, Ministry of Health, Islamabad
  • Khan A. A., Research and Development Solutions, Pakistan
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Abstract The world is facing an unprecedented global economic crisis, with many countries needing to reconsider their level of health care spending. This paper explores the many consequences of the global economic turndown on Pakistan's health, including reduced government and donor spending and increased poverty with the consequent diversion of funds away from health. Nevertheless, these challenges may provide opportunities not only to mitigate the adverse effects of the economic crisis but also to institute some much-needed reforms that may not receive political support during more affluent times. Our suggestions focus on setting priorities based on the national disease burden, prioritizing prevention interventions, demanding results, curbing corruption, experimenting with innovative funding mechanisms, advocating for increased funding by presenting health spending as an investment rather than an expense and by selected recourse to civil society interventions and philanthropy to bridge the gap between available and needed resources.
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Rashid Jooma, A. Khan and Khan A. A.. "Protecting Pakistan's health during the global economic crisis" East Mediterr Health J. Vol. 18 Iss. 3 (2012) p. 287 - 293
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