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Moyamoya disease presenting with intracranial haemorrhàge
JPMA: Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association
  • Ali Akbar Zehri, Aga Khan University
  • Aftab Qureshi, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi
  • Rashid Jooma, Agha Khan University
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Moyamoya disease is a spontaneous occlusion of the circle of Willis with abnonnal compensatory anastamotic vascular networks at the base of the brain. Early reports characterised the condition as a cause of cerebral ischaemia with progressive neurological deficits in infants and children or intracranial haemorrhage in adolescents and adults of Japanese Community1,2. However, it is now well known to occur in the other parts of the world as well - though being contingent on angiographic findings, the diagnosis depend on the level of the nation’s health care provision. Two cases of moyamoya diseases admitted to neurosurgical unit with intracranial haemorrhage are being presented here.
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Ali Akbar Zehri, Aftab Qureshi and Rashid Jooma. "Moyamoya disease presenting with intracranial haemorrhàge" JPMA: Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association Vol. 48 Iss. 11 (1998) p. 349 - 350
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