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Unpublished Paper
Imbrication of legal and expert discourses on monoparental adoptive processes
  • Raquel Medina Plana, University of California, Berkeley

Long and complex, international adoption processes can be seen as constituting a set of performative practices which involve strategies of transmission/ incorporation of culture, implying the construction of relational identities or subjectivities. With an “educational” drive, and a strong uniformity aspiration, the relevant institutions would be constructing a unified kind of adoptive parenthood, not just in their public dimension but also on the more intimate identity configuration level: the emotional life, affections, expectations, personal history… (Borrillo and Pitois-Etienne, 2004). When confronted with “non-traditional” family projects (as it is the case with monoparental adoption), adoptive processes perform a strong governmental control oriented to the normalization of these families, with their disempowering as a side-effect. My paper studies the role of courts in the performance of this control, as it appears in the existing jurisprudence on the denegation of Adoptive Idoneity Certificates, needed for adoptive elegibility.

  • Gender,
  • Courts,
  • Expert discourse
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Raquel Medina Plana. "Imbrication of legal and expert discourses on monoparental adoptive processes" (2012)
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