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About Raphael Diluzio

Raphael Diluzio is a serial creative artist, entrepreneur and professor. He is currently developing two start-ups, creating a new research facility, the CI2 Lab, at University of Southern Maine, (USM) in Design Science and Creative Intelligence, while still maintaining his studio practice. His art is centered in visual image making, primarily in the relation between traditional studio art and digital time-based media. His interest lies in reconnecting a historical praxis in painting with technology. The result is live digital performances, time-based projected paintings, installation, and visualization. Raphael actively writes and publishes his theories on, Creative Intelligence, Design Science, working in a time-based medium as well as critically examining how these emerging media affect our culture. His newest work will be on display at the exhibition, “Voices of Design, 25 Years of Architalx,” opening at the Portland Museum of Art (PMA), February 2nd to May 19th 2012, Portland Maine. He currently resides in Maine.


Present Associate Professor of Design Science / Fine Art, University of Southern Maine


Contact Information

Phone: 12077805460