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'Tea for Two' and the Rest of the School: Valentine's Day at Adams Elementary
Children's Folklore Review
  • Randy Williams, Utah State University
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Indiana University
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I have fond memories of creating valentines with my mother and then going out in the cover of night to place my love creations on family and friend's doorsteps, ring the bell, and hide in a nearby shrub to watch my "valentine" retrieve my heartfelt declarations. Why? That's the way we celebrated Valentine's Day in our family, our town. To me, Valentine celebrations have always been an adventure. That must be why when my oldest daughter (now 23) came home from first grade at Adams Elementary in Logan, Utah, with an invitation from the PTA to the school's Valentine's Tea my heart went pit a pat. But what exactly was a Valentine's Tea? In keeping with the grand motherhood tradition, I asked my neighbor. I learned that the tea is a big affair at Adams, hosted by the school and the PTA in celebration of not only Valentine's Day, but much more.

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Randy Williams. "'Tea for Two' and the Rest of the School: Valentine's Day at Adams Elementary" Children's Folklore Review Vol. 28 (2005) p. 1 - 9
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