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About Randolph B Muhammad

Doctoral candidate - Ph.D., K-12 Educational Leadership. Research premise is in relation to systemic, environmental challenges impeding the social development and academic achievement of minority males (Asian, Hispanic/Latino, African American) of those families that are either unemployed or under employed. Competent educator experienced teaching, advising in both secondary and post-secondary local education agencies here in Charlotte, NC. Currently employed with Central Piedmont Community College as a Multicultural Studies instructor facilitating student learning and perspectives of minority groups while allowing students from all backgrounds to better understand and appreciate how race, culture and ethnicity, and identity contribute to their experiences. Additional experience with the college - Career Coach instructor conducting classes leading student integration into higher learning processes enhancing employability skills; advising students in career exploration and planning. I also teach computer use relative to student self-directed job searches (2012 to present).


2012 Present Instructor, Central Piedmont Community College ‐ College and Career Readiness


  • Multicultural Studies; Career Coach

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