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The perception of the glass ceiling in high technology companies
Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies
  • A. J, Tai
  • Randi L. Sims, Huizenga College of Business, Nova Southeastern University
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In recent years, there has been increasing concern that gender bias has prevented women from advancing as rapidly and as frequently as men into management positions. Although the number of women managers has increased, they may experience difficulty moving into upper management positions. The purpose of our research was to study employee gender and the positions held in high technology companies. A number of variables were considered which were tested to uncover the perception of a glass ceiling which may affect female employees' opportunities for advancement. Using a sample of 318 full-time employees from seven different high-technology companies, the results indicated that position held was significantly different for male and female employees. The results also indicated that neither male nor female employees appeared to notice the apparent glass ceiling within their companies. Implications are discussed and recommendations provided. Key Words: Gender Bias in Position, Glass Ceiling, High Technology Company
10.1177/ 107179190501200103
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A. J, Tai and Randi L. Sims. "The perception of the glass ceiling in high technology companies" Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies Vol. 12 Iss. 1 (2005) p. 16 - 23
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