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Bivariate Data Analysis: A Practical Guide
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  • Randi L. Sims
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The purpose of this book is to help the users of computerised statistical packages make the correct statistical choices to match the data they have already collected. It is assumed that the reader has information available on the use of the statistical package. While most statistical packages will perform whatever statistical analyses the user chooses, the package will not help the user in the selection of the choice or in the interpretation of the results. Thus, a statistical package is only a tool. While statistical packages come with instructions on their use, the user must know how to apply the package to the data available and how to read the results printed. The book provides a simple to understand, step-by-step guide for the user of any computerised statistical package. This book is designed to bivariate (two variables tested together) data analysis.
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Nova Science Publishers Inc.
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Randi L. Sims. Bivariate Data Analysis: A Practical Guide. New York(1999)
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