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The Nature of Archives and Manuscripts
OCLC Systems & Services (2002)
  • Randall C. Jimerson, Western Washington University, Western Washington University
Archives and manuscripts require special techniques based on their distinctive nature as the byproducts of transactions rather than the result of deliveration or creative endeavors. They are natural, organic, impartial, authentic and unique materials that acquire significance from the context of their creation rather than from their subject matter. Archival principles of provenance, original order and collective description ensure the preservation of these important qualities. Understanding the nature of archives and manuscripts forms the basis for the archival theory and practices that anyone responsible for such collections should know.
  • Archives,
  • Records management
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Randall C. Jimerson. "The Nature of Archives and Manuscripts" OCLC Systems & Services Vol. 18 Iss. 1 (2002)
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