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The Private Civil War: Popular Thought During the Sectional Conflict
  • Randall C. Jimerson, Western Washington University, Western Washington University
Historians have given much attention to the Civil War's prominent players--its generals, politicians, and other public leaders--but they have devoted less attention to the common soldiers and civilians--the "plain folk"--who actively participated in the conflict. In his study of popular thought during the Civil War era, Randall C. Jimerson offers a grass-roots perspective on the war by examining the thoughts and ideas of these ordinary men and women. THE PRIVATE CIVIL WAR derives much of its power from the author's deft use of personal letters and diaries. These documents, remarkable in many instances for their depth of feeling and eloquence, provide rich, detailed information about sectional perceptions and ideology as well as many private reflections.
  • Civil War perspective
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Louisiana State University Press
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Randall C. Jimerson. The Private Civil War: Popular Thought During the Sectional Conflict. (1994)
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