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Redefining Archival Identity: Meeting User Needs in the Information Society
The American Archivist
  • Randall C. Jimerson, Western Washington University, Western Washington University
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In order to avoid becoming irrelevant in the modern information society, archivists must redefine their professional identity and role in society, learn new planning and marketing skills, and establish the importance of archives in meeting user needs. Responding to initiatives launched by the SAA Task Force on Archives and Society, the author argues that archivists should adopt a more user-friendly approach to marketing their services. Marketing differs from public relations and selling products by focusing on customers and their needs. Altering the profession's image requires that individual archivists redefine their own self-image, attitudes, and procedures.
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Randall C. Jimerson. "Redefining Archival Identity: Meeting User Needs in the Information Society" The American Archivist Vol. 52 Iss. 3 (1989) p. 332 - 340
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