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Evaluation of the Goodwill Industries Training Program
Current & Recent Research Projects
  • Randall W. Eberts, , Principal Investigator, W.E. Upjohn Institute
Project Dates
11/01/2005 - 10/31/2008
Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit initiated a pilot program that targeted individuals with employability challenges including learned dependence on entitlements, inadequate environmental supports, and underdeveloped socialization skills. Referred to as "Moving Men and Women to Economic Independence" this program provided initial assessment, development of a service plan and case coordination, followed by a combination of classroom activities, work experience and problem-solving discussion groups. Participants also were provided access to remedial education training and job search assistance. The Upjohn Institute conducted a net impact evaluation of the "Within Reach" component of the program as initiated by WorkFirst which focused on disadvantaged adults. The net impact evaluation estimated the contribution of the program to the employment outcomes of the participants. It constructed comparison groups of individuals who were similar to the program participants, but who did not participate in the program. The net impact analysis focused on three employment-related outcomes: finding a job, retaining a job (workforce attachment), and earnings.
Detroit Career Center
Citation Information
Randall W. Eberts. "Evaluation of the Goodwill Industries Training Program" (2008)
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