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The Qualities of a Master Teacher Today
Education Faculty Publications
  • Randall G. Glading, Sacred Heart University
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The profession of teaching has experienced radical change over the past several years. The movement away from traditional teaching styles has opened up the classroom to exciting and innovative learning experiences. Every day students participate in activities that elicit higher order thinking skills and inquiry. These creative teaching techniques place the child in the center of learning. The entire school community needs to understand these current pedagogical practices. The role of the teacher has also evolved over time. Teachers are looked upon today to do so much more, to be responsible for the academic, social and emotional growth of the child. It is important that all members of an academic community, administrators, teachers, parents and students understand the qualities that embody a master teacher today. In addition, aspiring individuals in teacher preparation programs need to understand what lies ahead and the evolution of pedagogy. Effective teaching is the foundation of every academic community. The establishment of a positive culture for learning is the responsibility of each and every teacher.

ISBN 9781475835267 (hardcover); 9781475835274 (paperback)

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Glading, R.G. (2017). The Qualities of a Master Teacher. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group.