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Pedagogia Revolucionária na Globalização
  • Ramin Farahmandpur, Portland State University
  • Peter McLaren, University of California - Los Angeles

Language: Portuguese

The authors dissect the mechanisms for globalization, however, engender a pedagogy of resistance. They observe the dynamics of coping in examples such as the Zapatistas in Mexico, the movement Tupac Amaru in Peru, and the uprisings in the occupied territories of Palestine. Revolutionary pedagogy, analyzed here as the path that leads to freedom and liberation, emphasizes the active participation of workers and students in their self-education and self-realization citizen. The goal is to acquire control of the physical and intellectual labor through alternative networks of grassroots organizing and promoting a heightened state of consciousness critically. The first step is to say no to conformism.

  • Education -- Social aspects,
  • Education and globalization
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Ramin Farahmandpur and Peter McLaren. Pedagogia Revolucionária na Globalização. (2002)
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