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Teaching In and Against the Empire: Critical Pedagogy as Revolutionary Praxis
Education Faculty Articles and Research
  • Peter McLaren, Chapman University
  • Gregory Martin, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Ramin Farahmandpur, Portland State University
  • Nathalia Jaramillo, University of California, Los Angeles
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"All across the country, critical educators are fighting on dozens of fronts, searching in both form and content for a coherent pedagogical expression that captures their opposition to what they perceive as major developments of world-historical importance... Whilst we will mention some of these fronts in our discussion, our focus will be on expanding the concept so that it addresses both the urgency and the scope of the current crisis of capitalism in relation to the crisis of educational reform, and takes as its central aim the struggle against capitalism and imperialism."

This article was originally published in Teacher Education Quarterly, volume 31, issue 3, in 2004.

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McLaren, P., Martin, G., Farahmandpur, R., & Jaramillo, N. (2004). Teaching in and against the empire: Critical pedagogy as revolutionary praxis. Teacher Education Quarterly, 31(1): 131-153.