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Richard Rorty’s Self-Help Liberalism: A Marxist Critique of America’s Most Wanted Ironist
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  • Peter McLaren, Chapman University
  • Ramin Farahmandpur
  • Juha Suoranta

"Enter philosopher Richard Rorty, a staunch defender of neoliberalism and free-market democracy. Despite the abundance of evidence that capitalist democracies, guided by a neoliberal politics, are condemning the world's laboring class to a life sentence of poverty not only for themselves but for generations to follow, Rorty continues to clings to a Malthusian conviction that the forces that foster equality and political freedom within liberal social democracies far outweigh chose that foster inequality and restrict political freedom. True to his staunch and steadfast antiempiricism, Rorty offers no convincing evidence that this is indeed the case."

Publication Date
Rowman & Littlefield

In Michael A. Peters (Ed.), Richard Rorty: Education, Philosophy, and Politics . Dr. McLaren's chapter begins on page 139.

This text is only partially available through the link provided; some pages are not included. Please visit your local library or purchase the book through the "Buy This Book" link above to read the full text.

Rowman & Littlefield
Citation Information
McLaren, P., Farahmandpur, R., & Suoranta, J. (2002). Richard Rorty’s self-help liberalism: A Marxist critique of America’s most wanted ironist. In M. Peters & P. Ghiraldelli, Jr. (Eds.), Richard Rorty: Education, philosophy and culture (pp. 139-162). Boulder, Colorado: Roman and Littlefield.