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Recentering Class: Wither Postmodernism? Towards a Contraband Pedagogy
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  • Peter McLaren, Chapman University
  • Ramin Farahmandpur
"As we lean into the gusty winds of the new millennium, squaring our shoulders and lowering our heads against an icy unknown, we discover much to our surprise that the future has already arrived; that it has silently imploded into the singularity of the present. We are lost in a crevice in the 'wrong side' of history, in a furious calm at the end of a century-old breath, doing solitary confinement in the future anterior. Time has inhaled so hard that it has lodged us in its lungs, compressing us into shadowy, ovaloid spectres out of the horror classic, Nosferatu. Capitalism has authored this moment, synchronizing the heartbeat of the globe with the autocopulatory rhythms of the marketplace; deregulating history; downsizing eternity."
Publication Date
Lexington Press

In Dave Hill (Ed.), Marxism Against Postmodernism in Educational Theory. Dr. McLaren's chapter begins on page 239.

This text is only partially available through the link provided; some pages are not included. Please visit your local library or purchase the book through the "Buy This Book" link above to read the full text.

Lexington Press
Citation Information
McLaren, P., & Farahmandpur, R. (2002). Recentering class: Wither postmodernism? Towards a contraband pedagogy. In D. Hill, P. McLaren, M. Cole, & G. Rikowski (Eds.), Marxism against postmodernism in educational theory (pp. 239-273). Lanham, MD: Lexington Press