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Class, Cultism, and Multiculturalism
Multicultural Education
  • Ramin Farahmandpur, Portland State University
  • Peter McLaren, University of California - Los Angeles
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  • Multicultural education,
  • Critical pedagogy -- United States,
  • Culture and globalization,
  • Education and globalization
Globalization has hurt both developed and developing countries. Capitalism's relations of exploitation can hurt people of color in disabling ways. Discusses the relationships among race, gender, ethnic, and class identities in order to articulate a political framework that moves toward transnational ethnic alliances, abolishing the role of capital and the forms of exploitation and violence that flourish under capitalism.

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McLaren, P., & Farahmandpur, R. (2001). Class, Cultism, and Multiculturalism. Multicultural Education, 8(3), 2-14.