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Aristophanes, Old Comedy and Greek Tragedy
Departmental Papers (Classical Studies)
  • Ralph M Rosen, University of Pennsylvania
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Book Chapter
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In a famous scene at the end of Plato's symposium, after a high-minded philosophical discussion about the nature of love at a festive dinner party had degenerated into a drunken free-for-all, only three of the guests were sober enough to continue the conversation: the philosopher Socrates, the tragic poet Agathon, and the comic poet Aristophanes.
Reprinted from A Companion to Tragedy, edited by Rebecca Bushnell, Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture, number 32 (Massachusetts: Blackwell, 2005), pages 251-268. The author has asserted his right to include this material in ScholarlyCommons@Penn.
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Ralph M Rosen. "Aristophanes, Old Comedy and Greek Tragedy" (2005)
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