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Cellular Automaton Modeling of Alloy Solidification Using Local Anisotropy Rules
1998 TMS Spring Meeting (1998)
  • Ralph E. Napolitano
  • T. H. Sanders Jr., Georgia Institute of Technology
The evolution of dendritic morphology is simulated for a binary alloy using a two-dimensional cellular automaton growth algorithm. Solute diffusion is modeled with an alternate-direction implicit finite difference technique. Interface curvature and kinetic anisotropy are implemented through configurational terms which are incorporated into the growth potential used by the automaton. The weighting of the anisotropy term is explored and shown to be essential for overcoming grid-induced anisotropy, permitting more realistic development of dendritic morphologies. Dendritic structures are generated for both uniform and directional cooling conditions.
Publication Date
April, 1998
This conference proceeding is from MRS Proceedings 529 (1998): 63, doi:10.1557/PROC-529-101. Posted with permission.
Citation Information
Ralph E. Napolitano and T. H. Sanders Jr.. "Cellular Automaton Modeling of Alloy Solidification Using Local Anisotropy Rules" 1998 TMS Spring Meeting (1998)
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