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Unpublished Paper
Amicus Brief on Arbitrability of the Discharge (Anderson v. Credit One Bank)
  • Ralph Brubaker
  • Robert Lawless
  • Bruce A. Markell
This amicus brief was filed in Anderson v. Credit One Bank, No. 16-2496 (2d. Cir.). The brief explains why a debtor's claim for violation of the bankruptcy discharge injunction is not subject to a predispute arbitration agreement. The brief makes three arguments: (1) the history of the bankruptcy discharge shows Congress intentionally chose injunctive relief to enforce the bankruptcy discharge; (2) the bankruptcy discharge and discharge injunction are not claims against which an arbitration agreement can operate; and (3) the discharge injunction is a central piece of the Bankruptcy Code that inherently conflicts with the Federal Arbitration Act.
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Ralph Brubaker, Robert Lawless and Bruce A. Markell. "Amicus Brief on Arbitrability of the Discharge (Anderson v. Credit One Bank)" (2017)
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