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Histological and biochemical changes in Aegle marmelos
  • Rajesh Pati
Aegle marmelos Corr., belongs to family Rutaceae, is more prized for its pharmacological virtues than its edible quality. Because of pharmacological importance, it’s become potential candidate for developing transgenics to enhance its medicinal properties. Maximum mortality of micropropagated plants occur during acclimatization phase because plantlets undergo rapid and extreme changes in physiological functioning, histological and biochemical changes. In order to investigate the actual reason of this limitation, test samples were collected at different stages of micropropagation of Aegle marmelos Corr. (In vitro stage, acclimation stage, and field established plants).
Publication Date
Winter October 14, 2013
Citation Information
Rajesh Pati. "Histological and biochemical changes in Aegle marmelos" (2013)
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