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About Rajani S. Sadasivam

Dr. Rajani S. Sadasivam, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Quantitative Health Sciences, Division of Health Informatics and Implementation, at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. His overall research interest is to integrate the use of technology to improve health outcomes. He approaches this as a meta-composite systems problem. He views meta-composite systems development as focused on three inter-related aspects: integrated information (i.e., all relevant information is connected), integrated users (i.e., all users are connected to each other), and providing dynamic and enhanced interaction to users. To this end, meta-composite systems research encompasses technological, social, and behavioral aspects. He researches software technologies like service-oriented architecture, business process engineering, web services, semantic-web, social networking, robotic, and mobile technologies. His Ph.D. research focused on developing a user-centered-design and service-oriented framework for developing systems with process-personalized and customized support for human interaction. Currently, he is working with biomedical and behavioral researchers to develop meta-composite systems in the following areas: robotic technologies for older and minority adult care; social networking systems for health promotion and randomized clinical trials; collaborative computing and biomedical information systems for translational science; research integration and automation systems for biomedical research; mobile-decision support systems for HIV dosing; evidence-based research literature search and integration systems; electronic medical, health and personal record integration systems; and, health games technology systems for health promotion.


Present Assistant Professor, Department of Quantitative Health Sciences, Division of Health Informatics and Implementation, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Curriculum Vitae

Honors and Awards

  • SDPS Journal Committee, Society of Design and Process Science (2009)
  • Web leadership, Software Engineering Society (2008)
  • Next Generation Leadership Council (NGLC), Society of Design and Process Science (2008)
  • Inductee, Golden Key International Honor Society (2007)

Contact Information

University of Massachusetts Medical School
Department of Quantitative Health Sciences
55 Lake Avenue North, AC7-063
Worcester, MA 01655
Phone: 508-856-8923


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