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Developing product innovation using Web 2.0: A field study.
AMCIS 2011 Proceedings - All Submissions
  • Steven Wallace
  • Jai Ganesh, Infosys Technologies Limited
  • Ajay Kolhatkar
  • Rahul Singh
Virtual Communities and Collaborations
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Firms rely on effective innovation processes to develop innovative products essential to their competitive strategy. Systemsthat support the innovation processes have strategic relevance and are critical to the firm’s success and growth. Moreresearch is needed to explain how we can effectively coordinate the KM activities required for effective innovation processes.This paper will answer the question: How does Web 2.0 support effective innovation processes in product innovation? Weneed to better understand how a Web 2.0 platform can facilitate coordination, cooperation, and organizational learning andlead to improved innovation through more effective innovation processes. This paper develops an understanding of how Web2.0 applications integrate and support the needs of the innovation processes for product innovation. We provide a detailedcase study where Web 2.0 is used in the innovation process to show how it can be used to support KM for effectiveinnovation processes.
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Steven Wallace, Jai Ganesh, Ajay Kolhatkar and Rahul Singh. "Developing product innovation using Web 2.0: A field study." (2011)
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