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Comparison of increase methods secondary metabolites in Catharanthus roseus (L.).pdf
  • Rahil Golfam, Alzahra University,Vanak, Tehran, Iran.
Plants due to physiological inactivity has a lot of flexibility for its adaptation to changing external conditions. In reply to external factors, plants have ability to synthesize a lot of chemical compounds to bring that are called secondary metabolites. Some of the important metabolites including: Alkaloids , steroids, essential oils , lignin , tannins and flavonoids. A number of alkaloids including Vincristine, Vinblastine produced in vinca species that have anti tumor. According to the plant's output vinca alkaloids is very low and The high demand for these drugs and The high price, Has led to increased production of extensive studies on the biosynthesis of these compounds should be done. Due to the different methods that have been done on this plant to increase production of alkaloids a comparison was made and It was concluded that Its best to date using of The plant micropropagation meristem Rapid method is for the production of callus for medicinal purposes. The technique allow plants to produce with completely fixed genotypes.
  • Comparison,
  • Secondary metabolites,
  • Catharanthus roseus (L.).,
  • Plant Physiology,
  • Molecular farming,
  • Tissue culture,
  • Somatic embryogenesis,
  • Agrobacterium
Publication Date
Fall October 4, 2012
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Rahil Golfam. "Comparison of increase methods secondary metabolites in Catharanthus roseus (L.).pdf" (2012)
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