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A-4 Indications and Environmental Implications of a Seventh Day in Psalm 104
Celebration of Research and Creative Scholarship
  • A. Rahel Schafer, Andrews University
Presenter Status
Department of Religion and Biblical Languages
Buller Room 108
Start Date
8-11-2012 5:36 PM
End Date
8-11-2012 5:48 PM
Presentation Abstract
Although some contend that Psalm 104 is governed by various Hebrew verbs rather than the six-day creation order, the striking lexical parallels and similar basic structures seem to form a foundation around which these other verbal patterns are situated. However, the relationship between creation and Psalm 104, which highlights God’s care and provision for all his creatures, is not limited to the first six days of creation. In this paper, I analyze the relationship between Ps 104:27-35 and the Sabbath in Gen 2:1-4. In addition, I examine the parallels between other Sabbath passages and Psalm 104, and the resulting implications for environmental ethics. I contend that Psalm 104, as a poetic reenactment of the creation narratives, affirms the important aspects of Sabbath rest, and provides further support for the environmental implications of the links between Sabbath and creation.
Citation Information
A. Rahel Schafer. "A-4 Indications and Environmental Implications of a Seventh Day in Psalm 104" (2012)
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