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Structure and properties of polypropylene-nanoclay composites
J Polym Res (2013)
  • Raghavendra R Hegde, Dr

The structure, morphology and mechanical properties of polypropylene-nanoclay composites with 1 to 15 wt.% nanoclay additives were investigated. Mixture of intercalated and exfoliated morphology was observed in nanocomposites. At higher weight percentage reinforcement (10–15 wt.%), up to 67 % improvement in tensile modulus is observed. At higher weight percentage, exclusion of clay additives at the boundary of spherulites was observed. This study illustrates that along with the thermodynamic driving force, spherulite formation also drives the ultimate morphology

  • Polypropylene,
  • Nanoclay,
  • Injection molded nanoclay-composites,
  • Structure-property relations
Publication Date
Winter November 27, 2013
Citation Information
Raghavendra R. Hegde, Gajanan S. Bhat, Joseph E. Spruiell, Roberto Benson, "Structure and properties of polypropylene-nanoclay composites" J Polym Res 20.11 (2013): 1-13. DOI-10.1007/s10965-013-0323-1