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Translation of MAT Kinetic Data to Model Industrial Catalytic Cracking Units
Chemical Engineering & Technology (2004)
  • Rafael Maya-Yescas
  • Elizabeth León-Becerril
  • Daniel Salazar-Sotelo

Bench and laboratory scale reactors are required to infer kinetic data for catalytic cracking units. One of the most common methods is the microactivity test (MAT, ASTM D-3902-92), that emulates the catalyst-to-oil ratio using a fixed-bed reactor and a semi-batch accumulator of liquids. Translation of data obtained from MAT tests in order to infer kinetic parameter to model continuous industrial units is, consequently, difficult and uncertain. In this work, the extraction of kinetic data obtained in a MAT reactor is analyzed. Estimation of a kinetic rate equation to evaluate instantaneous conversion in MAT reactors is performed. The activation energy obtained is kinetic and can be used during the modeling of riser reactors. It was possible, also, to infer values of remaining catalytic activity after each experiment; these values were used to adjust a hyperbolic deactivation function, useful to model industrial riser reactors.

  • Chemical reactors. laboratory data,
  • reaction kinetics
Publication Date
May, 2004
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Citation Information
Rafael Maya-Yescas, Elizabeth León-Becerril and Daniel Salazar-Sotelo. "Translation of MAT Kinetic Data to Model Industrial Catalytic Cracking Units" Chemical Engineering & Technology Vol. 27 Iss. 7 (2004)
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